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Nick Marinac - Videographer 




BASIC – mostly stationary footage, covers wedding, and reception(the moments you want to watch most!)

-Costs between $460-$1035 +HST depending on creative meeting with the happy couple.


ENHANCED – offers a more dynamic videography feel, covers wedding and reception, as well as any additional moments wanted specifically.

-Package will run from $1035-$1,380 + HST once again depending on creative meeting.


ADVANCED – full dynamic videography (use of slider, glidecam) A lot more personal feel, includes wedding and reception, as well as a separate location shoot specifically for video (usually post wedding, pre reception) Can include interviews with associated family members and friends, to be determined upon creative meeting.

-Cost between $1,380-$2,185. +HST


PROFESSIONAL – This package is for couples who wish to go with a documentary style feel to their wedding video. Ranges in length, but covers all events on the day of the wedding. Depending on creative meeting couples can choose from a wide variety of movie feels and ideas, separate shoots will be scheduled for family and friends, also includes a full Post-Production make-up complete with titling for that “cinematic” or “Hollywood” look.

- Costs $2,530-$3,680 +HST mostly dependant on time allotted.


ROYALTY – Feel like a Queen? Covers absolutely every part of the wedding, from rehearsal to curtain close. Edited like a documentary or movie, depending on chosen style.

Costs $4,025-$6,900 +HST and higher, very dependant on creative meeting.

Advanced Media Pricing List

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