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Chandan Vatish - Photographer 







Starting at $345 for 3-5 hours (half-day, $500 typical)

Starting at $920 for 6-10 hours (full day, $1000 typical)



Starting at $120 for 2 hours



Starting at $50 for 1 hour (usually 10-30 final, edited photos)


General Events (awards, birthdays, reunions, etc.):

Starting at $50/hour






Same starting prices as above, plus 25-50% (depending on length) for full films, completely edited. The listed times are on-site hours, not hours of footage, but total delivered footage is usually 50-70% of on-site time.


Secondary shooters are available at lower rates. Packages and additional services are available, such as videography + photography, portrait sessions at events, etc.



Here's an example for a wedding package:


Primary photographer + secondary videographer, 5 hours, all photos delivered, 5-10 minute wedding highlight reel delivered, raw footage delivered


$570 Photography, $345 secondary videography, $230 highlight reel + raw footage = $1145 total, +- $115-230 for budgeting/extra costs/travel/etc.




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